How can I force a bootcamp menu on boot?

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    I have an iMac that I would like to setup with bootcamp. I already know how to set it up, but I would like the system to display the on screen menu asking if you want to launch Mac OS X or Windows each time the system is turned on.

    Some background:
    The system is a 2008 24" Core 2 Duo 2.8GHZ, 500GB hard disk model. I have a new Mac coming in the mail this week to replace it. My plan once my files are moved to the new one, is to format it and install a clean install of Snow Leopard with all updates. Then I will use bootcamp and install Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit. The copy of Windows 7 is a system builders edition I purchased from NewEgg specifically for this system and bootcamp. I'm currently not using it, but I will partition the drive and have it reinstalled. I've decided not to use bootcamp on my new iMac, I will be buying and maintaining a seperate entry level Windows PC instead.

    Normally with bootcamp the user needs to hold down a key on boot so that the OS selection menu comes up. I would like to find a way to set this system up so no key is needed to be held down, it will always ask which OS the user wants to use.


    Is there a way to either force this manually or with a 3rd party (at cost) utility? :apple:
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