How can I fully restore my iPhone 4S and then selectively restore data?

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    Aug 11, 2012
    Hey there,

    I'm one of the many people in the boat where I want (need) to fully wipe and restore my iPhone 4S on 5.1.1, hoping it will fix issues like battery life etc. I've also noticed I still have some leftover jailbreak data in my iPhone's current OS which has stayed there due to me accidentally restoring to a backup that happened while I was jailbroken. I am no longer jailbroken and do not particularly want to jailbreak again. My only issue is there are a few things which I crucially need to keep (in other words, backup and then add back onto the iPhone later). I need to be able to restore:

    • App Data (Such as game progress and any data my apps have)
    • Contacts
    • Notes
    • Messages (Very important)
    • Wi-Fi Settings (If that's not possible, it doesn't really matter)
    • SpringBoard Layout!!! (No idea if this is possible, I have heavily organised folders that would be a great pain to organise again)
    • Photos (I'm only putting this on this list as I have a question - I understand I can simply copy all my photos using Windows but as for restoring, iPhones seem to randomly name the folders it sorts the Camera Roll into with a jumble of numbers and letters which I'm sure really does mean something. How would I go about restoring photos?)

    I've been browsing around the internet, effectively getting incredibly confused and I need some guidance. A guide, in a way, of how to do each step. It's made me wonder about the path of possibly creating my own iPhone backup selectively with all the bits of data I want to preserve - I wonder if there's a way. Anyway, I have a full license for the latest version of iExplorer, which I heard mentioned a lot across the internet, along with iPhone Backup Extractor, MobileSyncBrowser, and DiskAid. I've got no idea what tool to use, or how you're supposed to be able to restore this stuff. Restoring App Data using iExplorer, though, seems like an incredibly easy task, however as for Contacts and the rest, particularly Messages, I have no idea.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Many Thanks,
    George (My surname is apparently a censored word :/ )
  2. batting1000 macrumors 604

    Sep 4, 2011
    You can't selectively restore things. iTunes will only restore the entire back up. You can't add stuff to a back up either. What ever is in it is what will be restored. Did you back up your stuff to iCloud? You can't get app data, home screen layouts (only through restoring from an iCloud backup), WiFi settings (only through restoring from an iCloud backup), or Messages back. I'm not sure if Itunes saves photos or if only iCloud does (I know iCloud saves the Camera Roll).

    Do you have an iCloud backup from before you were jailbroken?

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