How Can I Get iCloud to Back up my Data Again?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by starrygirl2112, Aug 9, 2014.

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    This might be confusing, so please bear with me. My iPhone recently suffered a fall, disconnecting cables from the phone screen. I got the screen replaced, but it seems that during the time the touch screen wasn't working (and maybe in an effort to insulate my data), my phone restored my entire camera roll hours after getting my new screen. I thought everything was as good as new, but it seems like my phone thinks it went through some kind of mini-restore. I was having issues with the memory/disk space running out on the phone before, and when I tried my iCloud backup, my phone informed that I don't have enough space in iCloud. This is ridiculous. A few months ago, I purchased 10 GB of extra space. The 10 GB added to the 5 already provided free (or included, however you want to look at it) by Apple equal 15 GB of available space, which should be more than enough considering that my entire iPhone is only 16 GB. My camera roll is around 10 GB (huge, I know, but still). Even when apps, documents, and contacts are added in--these are all the things I have selected to upload to iCloud--the total is still around 11 GB. 11 is less than the 15 I have. This was never a problem on any previous backup. Now, however, my phone seems to want to back everything up all over again, without modifying the previous backup. I think it wants to make an entirely new second copy because it thinks my phone was restored or something. Basically, instead of adding 0.1 GB or whatever it usually does based on new photos and data SINCE the last backup, it wants to back up EVERYTHING all over again. At least, I think that's what's happening. I'm wary of turning off the photo backup (which I know is taking up the vast majority of the space in iCloud) because my phone tells me I will lose all of my pictures on iCloud that have already been backed up. I also have a feeling I won't restore space, but will rather have set up a system in which there is still very little space, and now my pictures don't back up. Please don't mention Photo Stream to me. I'm interested in backing up the entire camera roll via iCloud, which was never a problem before. I just don't want my phone or iCloud to think this backup is from a restored phone or that any pictures and files that are already in iCloud need to be copied again. I don't want 2 huge 11 GB files. I already paid for my extra space, which should have been enough. Either there is a significant error (which I hope I can fix) or Apple is trying to scam me. If anyone has any advice, please let me know! Thanks.
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    On the phone...

    Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > This iPhone (may have your name associated with it) > Delete Backup > Click on Turn off & Delete.

    Then back up one screen.

    Turn iCloud Backup toggle back on. Then click backup now.

    Should delete your old back up and make a new one from what is on the phone right now. Assuming you only have one iOS device (all devices that share the same apple id share the same iCloud space) the back up should be SIGNIFICANTLY smaller then the storage on the phone. Its not a mirror image of the device its just the volatile data.

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