How can I host documents in a local web site?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by pruppert, Dec 1, 2014.

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    Hopefully someone can help me out here. I am looking for a way to host a local website from my Mac that is available to other people on the same network (password protected access and encryption would be a bonus). Specifically, I am trying to display files (docx) in mobile safari on my iPad that are hosted on my Mac on the same network.

    How would I do this? I currently use SFTP to access these files, but I am specifically looking for a way to navigate a directory and view files from mobile Safari.

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    1) Install MAMP.
    2) Read up on which directory to drag and drop your files.

    All possible with MAMP ( APACHE specifically, you'll have to do a bit of reading / googling ).

    I'd recommend converting them to PDF for ease of viewing through multiple devices.

    You could even get all fancy and add a CMS ( like WordPress ) to make your 'site' more robust.
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    Thank you both for the suggestions. The Python way is definitely simple with minimal setup. I'm looking more into MAMP for some of the additional functionality it affords.
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    All you need is Apache.

    PDFs on an iPad don't work so well, you end up doing a lot of scrolling and zooming. The best format is EPUB.

    But if the point is to share a work in progress then the word files are what you need.

    To share files in Apache all you need to do is move them into a directory that is accessible to the public. If you have no index.html file in there that Apaches can make one that looks like the directory listing. To control access you just need a ".htaccess" file in the directory.

    If you don't understand how to set up Apache your best option is simply to us Drop Box.

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