how can I make USB BOOTABLE Leopard


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Mar 8, 2017
hey guys I need to install in my new hard drive in my MacBook 2008 Mac OS X Leopard
I download the install
how can I make bootable usb?
I know the app diskmaker x but they don't support I guess this old OS
I've tried in the disk utility when I choose the usb when I open the Mac by clicking Option after he trying to load the usb I get error


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It'll support Lion. I'll admit I'm not entirely familiar how to get to that point if the machine hasn't already been upgraded, but I believe you'd need to be on Snow Leopard so you could get the app store. I'd recommend trying to get to a newer version for security reasons regardless, but start with the bootable instructions I linked to in my first reply


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Sep 20, 2014
Salt Lake City, UT
Go to the apple store if you can and they will install it for free. OR you can find a third party shop to do the work. My shop will do something like this for 50$. Or you can find one on the "internet". They are VERY the INTERNET!!.....i can't get more obvious...