Resolved How can I move ON MY MAC Mail folders?

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  1. Kanunu, Jan 18, 2013
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    I have been experiencing problems with an installed SSD on my iMac and I cloned my drive back to the 1TB Seagate that was recently installed in the recall program. During the week between the backup (CCC) and now, I had several important emails that I moved from my inbox to folders describes in the sidebar as "ON MY MAC." Is there a way I can copy and paste a file or files from the SSD to the 1TB to put my newer ON MY MAC mailboxes on the 1TB installation?

    A few Things that may or may not matter: 1) My email service is Gmail. 2) The SSD runs 10.8 (installed without my knowledge by a repair technician) and the 1TB is 10.7.5.
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    If you have GMail configured on both machines, this is easy. Just make a temp folder on the GMail account then in the Mail app drag the emails you want from the On mY Mac folder into the new GMail folder. Then on the second machine when you open GMail in the Mail app the mails will appear in the new GMail folder you made. Now just drag the messages from the GMail folder to your On my Mac folder on the second machine.

    You can see the mail folders at this folder. ~ = your user name.

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    This is not the first time you have given me a constructive answer. Problem solved.

    Thanks Weaselboy.

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