How can I read Virtual CD (.vc4, .000, etc.) images?

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    Sep 4, 2008
    I have consulted Google and the sites listed in the "Finding Mac Software", to no avail…. Which software should I use to mount Virtual CD (.vc4) images?
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    Aug 12, 2011
    Virtual CD

    Hello astralblue,

    I have the same problem and the only solution I know is to run VIRTUAL CD and burn it to a CD/DVD RW (so that you can use it again and again) then create an ISO from it so as to save it in mac.

    It's annoying since I have more than 50 images I want to transfer to my external hdd and view it in my mac.

    This is from the Knowledge Base of VIRTUAL CD website:

    Which possibilities do I have converting a virtual CD to an ISO conform image?
    Up to version 3 you should create an ISO file from a Virtual CD image with a program like IsoBuster instead if trying to convert it.

    As of version 4 (VCn format) you can try to rename the 000 file to ISO. The 000 file is an ISO file with an additional header.
    If this does not work you can try to convert the 000 file e.g. with WinISO.

    With version 8 and higher Virtual CD provides an own Image Converter which converts ISO files to the Virtual CD format and vice versa!


    The information stored in the VCn file (defect sectors, start program, comments, password) will be lost for the converted image. The conversion makes only sense for images without errors!

    The conversion won't work for images with more than one 00X file (virtual DVD) as the VCn file will be needed for merging them. Note that such a virtual CD is not ISO conform!

    The conversion of compressed images is generally impossible!

    I hope someone finds a better alternative than this.

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