How can I remove gimp from from iMac

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    Nov 19, 2013
    Hello All,

    I recently tried installing Gimp through macportal, and since I am a noob at trying to use the terminal I can't figure out how to make gimp work. When I entered the command to install gimp, the installation ended up failing and now I have a bunch of useless gimp files. I just want to delete all the gimp files from my mac. Is there a way I can do this through the terminal? Any help would be appreciated. :confused:
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    Open Finder and type gimp in the search bar. Then select "This Mac". Then click the plus next to save and add system files are included like in my screenshot. That should show you all files on your computer that include the name gimp.

    Move the files you don't want to the trash then restart your machine and make sure everything is working okay before you empty the trash.

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    Thanks to the both of you. I did all kinds of stuff to... well, get no where. I overlooked the links from the download page at

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