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Dec 14, 2014
I’ve done some searching on YouTube on how to setup Virtualbox but most of the comments say that VBOX doesn’t support M1. And I would like to run the below program which MacOS isn’t supported.

Winebottler I’m afraid to run because the Windows installer might access critical system files and might cause some crashes. And Apple is quite paranoid about Windows apps accessing MacOS system files.

Any other ideas out there?

Or I might end up using my previous Windows laptop only to run the app.

And I don’t want to pay for Parallels either.


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Mar 4, 2024
I recently tried to install the Garmin PC trainer on an M1 Macbook Pro running Parallels 18.
No good. It starts up but the MFD and PFD are full of garbled data.
Didn't work on VMWARE Fusion Pro either.

I have to keep my 2011 Intel Macbook running Parallels to use the Garmin PC Trainer. Or any windows PC/laptop.

Rant: why does garmin provide excellent iPad apps for most of it's other aviation software, but fails miserably with the most ubiquitous G1000?
Rant over.
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