How can I save my SMS when transferring to a new Mac

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by micmicll, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Apr 30, 2010
    Here is my situation:
    I currently have a iPhone which sync with a PC with windows 7, and I'll be going to study overseas in Australia. Since my PC is getting old and slow, i decided to leave it behind and get myself a new iMac when i settle down in Australia.

    The problem is, i have a lot of SMS as well as apps data (I know i can reinstall the app, but what i really need is the data within the apps) that I want to keep, but there won't be a time where i have both computer at the same place at the same time. What i'm worrying is the new mac will ask me to overwrite my iphone. Is there any way to avoid this? i really need my SMS...

    I know there are a lot of similar topics, I've done my homework but still couldn't find a complete solution. What do you guys suggested?
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    Here is one possible solution regarding your SMS information:
    Purchase PhoneView. Load it on your new Mac.
    In Settings->Devices in iTunes, check the box that says prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically.
    Then plug your old phone into your Mac, open PhoneView and save all your SMS & MMS conversations to your new Mac.
    I've really enjoyed the features of PhoneView. Not affiliated at all, just a happy customer.
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    Ok other posters, double-check my work. Does this look right to you all?

    1) Back up the phone to iCloud. If the backup is too big, consider capturing your camera roll to your new Mac's iPhoto and erasing the camera roll. Then that won't be part of the backup.

    2) Manually transfer all of your iTunes media (music, videos, apps) from your PC to your Mac's iTunes. There are google-able pages that can help do this right. (Also, move PC photos to iPhoto.)

    3) Connect iPhone to the Mac and use iTunes to wipe it fresh, don't transfer any media or set it up yet. Just leave it plain.

    4) Once done, get on the phone and restore it from the iCloud backup. It will be synced with your new Mac, but will get back all your app data and texts from the cloud.

    5) Plug back into the Mac and transfer media from iTunes.

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