How can I sign in LINE in China

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by Lavender Wait, Aug 28, 2014.

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    Aug 13, 2014
    Great Firewall of China,which is known on the whole world,is my pain.I just wanna chat with my oversea friends by LINE.OK,no more political words to discuss.Here is my process of try.

    I buy an American account in TaoBao(a net belongs to Alibaba).Change my system language into English.And I pull out my Chinese SIM.When I open my LINE APP.I use a VPN to pretend to be an American(my IP now is American).However,I know I am failed after seeing the Chinese welcome interface.

    There are only two things I doubt.I use WIFI(of course our country's telecom supplies)to download LINE in American APP Store.Besides,I don't close my GPS function.

    Why is LINE so wise knowing my location?I am confused and hopeless...Please give some advice.Thank you very much!
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