How can I squish down my FLASH site??


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Jun 1, 2004
Greater Manchester UK
My Flash site is almost 2 meg in size and is taking forever to load.

I'm an illustrator/designer, so it's very image intensive.

My friend who has designed it and myself keep trying to shave bits off the picture sizes, and compress the output, but I'd really appreciate any sneaky tips on how to get the filesize down on a flash website!!

Any ideas....?


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Oct 19, 2004
Calgary, AB
2 MB!!!!!!!!! :eek:

Aside from starting again and re-considering some of your choices, at 2 megs it sounds like your trying to accomplish a bit much. But anyways here some tips:

1)Replace any images you can with Vectors as appose to imported bit maps. You can accomplish quite photorealistic pictures with vectors as shown on Vector Kid

2)External flash movies!
Try breaking the sections up into separate .swf files and calling them in externally. That way they'll only load when the user visits that section.

It's what I did here and my main swf was only 86kb, which is still high for web and part of the reason I switched from that design(and the fact it was just a bloated site)

But external flash movies can cut waay down on load time.


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Apr 17, 2004
2 megs is a lot, but in the age where broadband internet is more accessable and cheaper than it used to be, you can push file sizes a bit especially if your target audience is known to have broadband and flash and even a processor fast enough to display flash at its intended speed.

when you are saving jpgs how are you doing it? save for web from photoshop works great for optimizing your file sizes. also if you imported an image and it started off as 1000x500 and you scaled it down in flash and you will never scale it back up, resize it in photoshop and then re import it at the size it actually belongs.

and as the poster above pointed out, external swfs, jpes and even text if you want to get crazy can be loaded on a need basis.


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Aug 8, 2005
Am I the only one that thinks 2MB isn't that much???

Oh well... I might be the only one here with 1500/256 internet ;)


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Mar 20, 2005
epepper9 said:
Am I the only one that thinks 2MB isn't that much???

Oh well... I might be the only one here with 1500/256 internet ;)
Uh, I don't think 1500/256 is that fast internet...that's like slow DSL speeds over here.