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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Stonecoldcrb, Feb 14, 2008.

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    Greetings all:

    So here Ive been lurking reading all the posts and I need some direction. I just purchased a MBP and it arrives in the a.m. I got a refurb from Apple Online and cant wait. I have NEVER used a Mac b4 and have no clue about what to expect from OS X Leopard.

    I can run circles with WinXP and such.....but what can I do to test and whatnot to make sure the refurb is functioning properly. Without being familiar with a Mac at all Im wondering if you might point me out some things to look for or perform so I dont get 14 days into this bugger and suddenly discover that something is wrong that I shouldve noticed.

    I understand the warranty timeline but I would like to avoid any potential returns because I missed something.

    Any direction would be appreciated.
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    Well, if it boots, you can launch apps, save docs, print something, connect to the internet, send & receive email, download something, rip a CD, play music, burn a CD, take a picture with the iSight and send it to someone...

    That's pretty much the basic "if it can't do this it's broke" list.
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    Welcome to the Mac. I have had many refurb. models and for the most part they have been terrific. Just make sure it looks like it has been refurb. It should be clean, packaged nicely, etc. Might have a brown box instead of original.

    But if you are really nervous here are some ideas for basic things: I would simply run lots of software programs at once to make sure the ram runs well. I would drain the battery, charge it back up to make sure it seems to hold a charge, has good life, etc. Run DVDs and CD's in the drive. Burn something in the drive. Try typing with every key on the keyboard to make sure everything works. Other than that, I think you would be good to go. I am sure there are some widgets or programs that can test things as well besides the obvious I stated above.

    good luck!
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    A common defect is that the bottom 1/3 of the screen appears to be yellow. check for that.
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