How can I use my mac to make my Ext HD bootable....

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by aoaaron, Aug 19, 2011.

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    Sep 4, 2010
    okay so i heard i can use my mac to make my ext HD bootable by formatting it?

    I have an ISO for an operating system (lawful) and I want to make it boot from an EXT HD instead of the DVD (I have no DVD drive on the PC I want to install).

    what steps do i have to do to make this possible using mac applications?

    i have saw lots of windows guides.. not mac.
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    Jun 6, 2003
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    Do you have a USB external disk? If you do, then this isn't hard. It just requires a bit of work.

    First of all, on the Mac, open Disk Utility. Connect the destination drive to your Mac. Select its icon once it shows up, and click the Partition tab. Set it to 1 Partition and Master Boot Record partition scheme, if it isn't already that way.

    Then, drag the ISO to the main DU window. Select it, then select the Restore tab if it's not already selected. DU will auto-populate the source image. Now, drag the destination drive to the destination box. Click Restore. This will take a while.

    Once that's done... eject the external drive. Connect it to your PC and boot it. Go into the boot menu, select the drive as your boot device. Install OS. Be happy!

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