How can I Watch TV Shows When Everything is Restricted?

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Jun 18, 2012

So I have an address in the U.S. but I'm not in the U.S. at the time being and for a long time. I have been managing to use the US iTunes Store with prepaid cards to buy movies and shows (although that makes a big hole in my pocket). Netflix decided to do everyone a good favor around the world and managed to bring us shows and movies, which I'm very grateful for; however, not everything is listed there (obviously). While most people are torn between what to subscribe to, I'm trying to find something that LETS ME subscribe. I can get free single episodes as samples from seasons but overall about 70 to 80% of what is listed there cannot be viewed due to regional restrictions.

The other option of course is to use those streaming websites but I'm not very fond of. I would rather pay for what I wanna watch and frankly the ads alone make it too much of a hassle.

When Apple TV + came out, I figured I could use that. But I'm having the same issues (despite having a whole year free subscription). So now I just decided to purchase or rent stuff from iTunes and then watch them on Apple TV.

Is there any other way I could watch stuff (as much legally as I possibly can)?

I didn't like using VPN or DNS Proxy. It slows down the connection and it's a bother to keep changing ip addresses.



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Jun 14, 2011
1. I don´t believe there is regional restrictions on Apple+ original shows even if your apple store is US and you are outside us.

2 any other apps /channels will require a DNS /VPN there is no way around it and that still may give you trouble if the apps use gps or some other method to verify location.