Resolved How Can You Embed A Keynote Presentation Into iThoughtsHD


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Oct 2, 2012
Lurgan, Northern Ireland
I am the Curriculum Support Technician for a Secondary School. This year, we have introduced :apple:iPads as Educational tools.

I was asked by the e-Learning Manager to find out how to embed a Keynote presentation into iThoughtsHD. I haven't been able to find anything that says that it can be done. :confused: I am wondering if anyone is able to tell me that it can be done, and how it is done. :confused:

Thank-you :)
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Jul 17, 2008
Basically, you put the keynote in another app like Dropbox, or maybe email it to yourself, then you use "open in..." to send it to iThoughtsHD, where you paste it into a node.

Oh, and you could try viewing that video from an iPad -- that's how I watched it.
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