How can you have iTunes read off your external harddrive?


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Apr 4, 2006
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Tonight I purchased a Lacie 250gb external harddrive. One reason I got it was to store all my music on it and have Itunes read off of it to free up 10gig+ on my Macbook Pro. I figured it would be easy to do this, I threw my whole "iTunes" folder into my Lacie drive then deleted my "Itunes" files on my Mac Harddrive. Then I went into iTunes and went to preferences and chose the Itunes file location to match the one on my Lacie Harddrive. After all this I just have a empty Itunes and when I boot up Itunes it re-creates a blank Itunes folder within my Mac HD. What have I done wrong?

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Apr 3, 2004
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Did you keep your data files in the same spot on your boot drive? These cannot be moved. Mac OSX Hints has a good page on how to use two iTunes libraries. This may help. :)

Otherwise, it's always best to let iTunes move your music. Instead of manually dragging the folder across, put everything back where it was on the boot drive and go to iTunes, change the library location, press Okay and it should then copy all your music across. If it doesn't use Consolidate Library in the Advanced menu. :)