How change "identity" of cloned Mac?

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    I cloned the SSD of my Mac Pro onto my Macbook Pro so I could get all my current work stuff with me on a vacation. However, this seems to have confused iCloud, and it looks like iCloud thinks both computers are one and the same. Text forwarding in the messages app for example does not work properly.

    1. How can I change the "identity" of my Macbook Pro so that iCloud understands that it's a different computer?

    2. In the past with .Mac and MobileMe, I used to be able to manage the computers that were in the "sync loop", and delete the one's that I was not using anymore. Can this still be done with iCloud? I can't find where to do this.
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    I had this happen and was unable to find a solution until I did a total reinstall on the destination computer, then used Migration Assistant to transfer data and applications.
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    That should be "Sharing" preference pane :D
    You can change one of your Macs to a different name there.
    I always restart the Mac after changing the computer name.
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    The two computers already have different names under "Sharing". The issue is something "deeper", i.e. how iCloud identifies a Mac etc.
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