How Condition The Battery For A long Flight

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by TheShinyMac, May 17, 2009.

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    Hey there I am going to ireland and i was wondering how and what is the best way to condition the battery on my itouch its a 2nd generation if that helps and i got it a little while after christmas of 08 after i lost my first gen.,.. thats another story ok anyway so yea i know that turning off the wi fi will help alot another other ways to help it get ready for the flight oh yea and i leave in june!
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    Turn off wifi.
    You may also want to get one if those extra batteries that you can plug into the dock connector. Make sure your ipod is fully charged before you leave and the plug it into the battery and run off that. You should make it easily with that.
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    Find out if your plane has 120V access at the seats. If it does, bring along a USB wall charger.
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    Hi there,

    Check out my reply on your other thread.

    Another way for you to preserve the battery life is to keep the brightness to a minimum - Settings > Brightness and turn it down to where you feel comfortable (keep it low - also turn Auto-Brightness off as it may increase the brightness slightly)

    Remember to turn auto ask for wifi off! This drains your battery life ALOT.

    Make sure it isn't on a timer to check for mail etc;
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    Doing a similar flight, the other way around (Heathrow -> Dulles), I managed to keep my iPod Touch 1G going for the whole flight, and then for 5 hours afterward. So long as brightness is at a minimum, and Wifi, Ask for Wifi are turned off and its from a clean boot (no mail etc running in background), you should be able to get about 5 - 6 hrs of video. For audio, its not a problem. (NB - I did no conditioning to the battery specifically just turned off unneeded features).

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