How could Siri be more useful?

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by BigQid, Jan 22, 2012.

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    I remember using Siri to ask when is the next time Kanye West was coming and being impressed that it gave me an answer. This current version of Siri is a little more useful now but less awesome at the same time. I'm sure Apple or Nuance is going to work to make voice recognition more accurate and faster, but beyond that I want Siri to be a more capable assistant. I would like to see Apple focus on a couple areas to see Siri be all that she could be.

    1. Get awesome at common searches. Apple doesn't need to be Google, but Siri does need to start with answering most of the questions people used to go to Yahoo for like movie and tv show times, finance, calendar, local events, and even news. Siri should get smart enough to answer these sorts of questions
    A) what time is "X" movie playing?
    B) how long until it comes out, and can you remind me when it does?
    C) what channel is the Bulls game on?
    D) when is the next new episode of Boardwalk Empire?
    E) what restaurants are open
    F) when does Target open
    G) what restaurants deliver
    H) what's happening in town tonight
    I) what happened in politics today
    J) what was the score of the Bulls game
    K) what is the phone number to Wells Fargo customer service
    L) Are tickets for the Radiohead concert still available

    2. Be the platform not the app. Outside of camera, I can't think of a single iphone app that doesn't have lots of room for improvement and this is especially true with Siri. The smartest thing Apple can do is take an approach that lets other apps be the default app or apps for certain types of queries. I hate the reminders app and would give anything just to send appointments and reminders to 2Do.
    Let the apps make Siri exponentially more useful. Right now I have 4 calendar apps. The standard one on the phone that takes Siri appointments, 2Do which is how I organize tasks, Countdown because I'm OCD like that, Pocket Informant for Google calendars I share and follow, and I guess you can count Reminders which I use when I'm on the go. That is ignoring all the date related data I'd like to save to my calendar from other apps like my 3 TV apps, ESPN, and A better assistant would bring all this information in a way that lets me see it all together and sort it when necessary. Ideally, calendars would be the app other date/time apps write on so that when I make an appointment in 2Do I can flip over to Countdown at a later date and turn on a countdown for that appointment. As it is with calendar, reminders, and almost all iOS apps the standard apps are never all of what you want because they don't have enough competition.

    Siri may actually be able to do some of these things and I just couldn't get them to work. People may want something completely different from Siri. In some sense, this might not all be related to Siri directly so much as iOS as a personal assistant. That said, I thought this was a discussion that might be fun.
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    Since siri was not the primary reason for my purchase of the 4S, I was not that disappointed in it's lack of functionality here in the UK.

    Here, it does the inbuilt stuff (email, messaging etc.) and gives weather forecasts....That's about it. We are told that more comprehensive function will be added in future IOS updates.

    If siri actually does attain the full information database that operates in the States, then it will become useful.....For now? I just use it now and then for messaging and email....That's it.

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