How could this iPad/phone setup work out?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by steviem, May 24, 2010.

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    So I really want to get an iPad and will probably place an order on payday.

    Anyway, another part of this is that I am in the process of getting a fiancé visa to move to New York, and after my recent visit, I really don't like the way cell phone contracts or prepay tariffs work. The AT&T unlimited iPad plan looks good to me.

    With this, I think I would prefer to get an iPad 3G 16GB, then trade my N900 for a 3rd gen iPod Touch and a random phone to use with my Vodafone sim card whilst I'm still here. Then, once I get to New York, I'd get a phone with MetroPCS or something

    I was considering an iPad Wifi and then swapping my N900 for an iPhone 3GS, but would then be stuck with a poor contract or prepay plan in the US.

    What do people think to this idea?
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    Well u could get a iPhone and 3G iPad and use the sim card trick with the iPad and only have to pay one bill with AT&T. All u do is get a iPhone and set it up with AT&T or any carrier that uses sim cards. Then since the iPad uses a micro sim u can cut ur iPhone sim to that size. Once in the iPad change the apn settings to phone and u will have full 3G/edge connection for ur iPad. Then u can put it back in your iPhone when u are done either put it back in the cutout of ur sim or get an sim card adapter. With this u don't have to pay for a itouch and u will only have one bill. But in the summer the new iPhone will have a micro sim but they might be able to lock it so u can't put it in iPad so idk about that.

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