How did something this bad get released?

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    On Desktop

    • Why can't I add a song from Beats 1 to a playlist? Surely the whole point of the radio is to discover new music? Why do I have to 'go to song' and click down countless dead end roads to be able to do this?
    • New station from song > Nope just a dead link
    • New station from artist > "Ha you must be kidding, did you think we'd expect people to click this?" – dead link
    Playlists are the worst thing I've ever encountered. Day 1 I created a playlist, and selected 'Make available offline'. Since then I've periodically added a few songs here are there to be able to playback in the car. What's that EE? "You've used 80% of your data." Wait, what? Why? "Oh, 'make available offline' isn't a real thing, we just put it there 'cos Spotify have it – you've actually being streaming any new song added to your playlist (that you clicked to make available offline)."

    Nevermind, I'll try again. 'Delete all downloads' > 'Make available offline'. 'Looks like this isn't working right now' What? What do you mean 'looks'? Go and find out if it is or not... Try again, ah yes they're all downloading. Oh actually, only 2 or 3 actually the phone symbol next to them. Perhaps the algorithms and curators actually know better than me what I'd like to play offline, so have selected which ones for me. Cheers!

    I now have to deselect 'Use cellular data' as a failsafe to double check I'm not streaming the songs I thought were available offline. "But just check if it has the phone symbol next to it" I hear you holler. Nope, they're not there anymore, but they are available offline.

    I've taken a deep breath, and thought I'd start again and curate a few playlists on my desktop at work to calm myself down. Ah, this is great.. + to playlist here, + to playlist there (well actually no, as a built in game Apple makes sure every other song can't be + to a playlist – I can either share it with the world via social media, or 'go to song'. Forget that, soldier through, it'll be worth it. Right, playlists curated – let's look at my masterpiece compilations....erm.

    None of them have been added. They are nowhere. The playlists are empty. I do a double check quickly > + to x playlist – switch over to playlist, nope nothing there.

    What a complete and utter waste of time. I'll check my iPhone to see if that's worked any better. It does't even display the (blank playlist) names. Go to settings and make sure iCloud library is selected, yep. Uncheck and check again. Go to Apple Music – 'updating library' – nope, not even there.

    I've tried everyday to get to grips with this Kafkaesque horrorshow since launch. I'm done.

    Hi Spotify, nice to be back.

    Apple – the richest – most profitable company in the world, you should be ashamed.

    I have so much more I've encountered but haven't remembered. It truly is terrible.
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    Dec 7, 2013
    Write this post to them, and they will give you an answer that you are just one of these 1% of new Music app users with "some" problems. And you should just totally restore your device(s). Hahahahahaha! Idiots made easy…
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    Apr 24, 2012
    What you just said 100%. Apple Music, playlists, make available offline, little phone icon. All crap.
  4. BruiserBear macrumors 6502a

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    Decided to start up the 90 day trial the other day and I came here wondering if I was the only one with all these issues. Guess not.

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