How did they do this? (Kylie Minogues COME INTO MY WORLD video)

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by HunterGather, Sep 2, 2011.

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    Can someone explain to me how videos like these are done? Other than it being motion controlled camera work?

    They basically feature a performer(s) "cloned" or in multiple roles in the video, but it's all in one take, and apparently nothing is green screened.

    Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World
    (Kylie walks around in a loop and each time, everything is doubled with her and the people around her)

    Knoc'Turnal ft. Dr Dre and Missy Elliott - The Knoc (everyone in the video is the rapper Knoc'Turnal, three Missy Elliotts, and some other ladies)

    There's a brief behind the scenes of the Kylie one, but it doesn't go into much depth, other than they merged the shots together and it was motion controlled camera work.

    What I'm trying to understand is, I get that you can blend shots together, and it is imperitive that nothing is moved around/lighting stays the same, etc.

    But even merging shots, wouldn't that block other stuff... GAH, i've been trying to figure this out! :confused:

    Any info appreciated.
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    Ooh Michel Gondry. ;)

    They likely used a program like After Effects to rotoscope (esentially tracing, using masks) the new elements on top of the "older" stuff with each revolution.

    Here's a similar video, albeit much simpler. James Houston, the creator, comments about halfway down the page on how he did it. The technique will be very similar for the video you are asking about.
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    This is easy. Or, I don't understand how it's done, but I noticed some "glitches" when watching the video (for the first time, I haven't seen it before).

    There's in general something about the sign post areas.

    Look a 01:45-01:55 as an example.

    Strange arm that guy has...

    Totally disappeared...

    The girl closest to the camera before the traffic light goes to the veggie stand, while the remote girl walks through her and is closest to the camera after the traffic light.

    In the next round, it gets even more obvious that one of them are "walking through" a guy in a blue shirts.... around 02:50:

    So, I doubt it's rocket science, just a bit of editing.
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    I think that the sign post has been used as an edit point (with a matt), the video has probably been composited in sections of 1 loop, as it was made in 2002 there is a good chance it was done on a Quantel Henry, Discreet Flame or similar system. The Quantel systems had a difference keyer on it , with that you would take 2 clips, and the keyer produces a matt of the difference between the shots, from that you would mask out the bit you need for the composite. When i worked on Quantel Edibox i did a job in this style , although not as complicated, and using a locked of shot. To make this work you need a locked of shot, or a motion control rig & a fair bit of choreography to stop people bumping into or walking through each other.

    So no it not rocket science , it is just a bit of editing, well 15 day of editing, a lot of patience & a possibly bit of talent.

    Another good example of this is
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    Thanks for the input, guys!

    And wow, I didn't notice the little things like the guys arm in the video.
    I always noticed something seemed off. I thought maybe everything was green screen except the first go-around, but I think green screen in a video(s) like this wouldn't look right.

    So basically, it's just a tedious task of cutting/mapping/tracing?
    So all the shots are layered on top of each other, and it's just a matter of cutting out people/objects and putting them in the original/first go-around?

    I think I want to attempt to this just for the sake of it, but on a much much smaller scale.
    I just don't have a motion controlled device to make it exact... Might need to find a work around for that.

    If anyone has any other examples of videos like this (thanks for those others who did), please post.

    That George Michael/Mary J video looks like it must have taken FOREVER. Does anyone think there was green screen work in there? Or was it also simply just filming each of them separately doing the parts over and over in different positions?

    The rap video I posted in my original post is also a good one as well.
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    I'm all late, but that Neon Black video looks awesome!
    I never would have figured they'd shoot groups of people dancing in the club seperatly. But I guess since there was no club or interior to begin with, it was necessary to have them in front and behind objects and such.

    I'd love to see more split screen stuff like this.

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