How difficult is upgrading iBook G4 HD?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by -tWv-, May 21, 2011.

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    I have an iBook G4 that's running leopard and I have read that replacing the hard drive with a newer one will help the performance a lot. I have replaced the hard drives on a few other computers in the past, but it looks like the iBook is a much more involved process than other laptops. If someone has done this successfully and could share what their process was to accomplish it as well as the difficulty level that would be great. I just want to guage how hard it would be to replace the HD and if I would be able to do it without messing up the machine. Thanks in advance
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    Dec 23, 2008
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    You've got to take apart the entire bottom half of the computer to do it. Its just super important to take care of which screws came out of which spots. The iBooks used a TON of different length screws and you just have to be careful not to put the wrong ones in spots. Its a bit of a hassle the first time you do it. Honestly, about the only computer MORE difficult to change a HDD on is the clamshell iBooks.
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    If u do try it, i recommend separating the different lengths of screws so u don't mix anything up.
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    I've done it a few weeks ago and it's not that hard really. It just takes a lot of time and patience to complete it succesfully. I have some tips for you:

    - Follow the iFixit guide and seperate the srews every step, I did this on a piece of paper I had taped to my table.
    - Get a spudger!! Don't do this without a spudger, you will damage the case without a spudger when you pry it apart (available at iFixit or eBay).
    - Be V-E-R-Y careful when you lift up the top case, because the socket for the power button is extremely fragile. You will need to remove the connector from the socket, always press down on the socket (and DON'T yank the cable) and remove the connector with extreme care.

    The socket for the power button snapped off when I was doing the upgrade, I had to re-solder the damn thing to the logic board... But it was absolutely worth it, my iBook G4 is much more responsive now in Leopard.

    Succes :)
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    Thanks, that makes me nervous that its that easy to snap stuff off though, because i probably wouldn't know how to solder it back on. I may still try it, the little 40gb hard drive in this thing isn't going to hold much of anything
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    Use a couple of old egg crates to put your screws in, in order as you take them out of the iBook.

    I've done this lots of times. And yes, be very careful when you lift the trackpad.

    But because the last revison Ibooks took so much ram, the hard drive upgrade is totally worth it. You should also consider putting a dvd burner in at the same time, those optical drives as well as hard drives -- do burn out.

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