How do I activate new Verizon sim ipad 3?

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    My old sim was 'burned ' by Verizon after 5 months of non use. I purchased a new sim and inserted it. Tried activating a new account with a new email address but it won't work. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help- need to get this going for a trip tomorrow.


    Never mind I got it to work. maybe because I used different phone number? Thank you
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    as long as you get your hands on the sim card you should be able to activate it on the iPad by going into settings menu, and going to cellular, and following the prompts. always try activating sims on the iPad and never on another website or in person

    make sure the sim card has never been used

    if you need any other help, like adding it to your share plan, see the Verizon store.

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    i just saw the never mind


    well i guess i could contribute some more stuff anyway

    well the only other time i had trouble activating a sim card in an iPad was because the address i gave was not in their service area. this happened to me with t-mobile. and in order to get t-mobile to activate my sim card i had to give it my moms address.. it was the free plan... if you do not live in their service area they won't activate iPads

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