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Dec 22, 2009
Redcar, England
So, I set up my new iPad on its own and I've been playing with it since Friday.

Now, I want to sync my music and videos to the iPad for when I take it out of the home (I just use home sharing when home) but for some reason the iPad isn't showing in iTunes.

When I plug in the iPad, iTunes wants be to either setup as new iPad or restore from a very old backup.

Why? I thought it could be set up on its own now and should just show up in iTunes when everything is using the same account. Stupid thing. I don't really want to wipe it and start again. Organising apps on iOS is a PITA.

Any ideas?


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Jan 7, 2012
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Set up as a new iPad.
It'll ask you to choose a name for your iPad, and when you press OK it will start syncing. It won't delete anything, and you can even cancel this initial sync.

Now you've got your iPad in iTunes, you can fiddle with settings and stuff as you normally would.


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Sep 7, 2007
Great info. Yeah I would of been scared to se up as new in itunes as well. lol
A lot of hours go into organizing your apps.
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