How do I block a specific website on iPhone 6

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  1. Thunderbird 1, Jun 15, 2015
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    Hi all

    I have blocked porn etc on my iPhone 6 using the block facility available through my network provider (giffgaff). Can I also block a specific website - namely Twitter? Apparently I can install a "custom HOSTS file" but have no idea how to do this. Am using Ios 8.3. Any ideas gratefully received, as always.

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    Jun 16, 2015
    Check this out, shows how to block adult content OR specific websites:

  3. C DM macrumors Westmere

    Oct 17, 2011
    So, without linking to a minute long video with an ad, that could have been easily summarized by saying check out the options available at Settings > General > Restrictions > Websites

    Having said that, it also doesn't seem like it allows you to block specific web sites, does it?

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