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Jan 27, 2013
Basically I want to know how to burn more than 1 one movie/film file to one disk.

I have been burning one per disk but I am now wanting to save disks and plus with the files only been 800mb each, clearly more than one file should fit on a 4.7gb dvd disk surely?

But how do I put more than one file on a blank DVD disk at one time on a Macbook pro?

Nov 28, 2010
What application do you use then to burn those video DVDs?

And just so you know, those 800 MB files use a highly advanced video codec (MPEG-4), which is very compressive. Video DVDs use a much older codec for video (MPEG-2) and audio (AC-3), which is less space efficient and results in bigger files, thus burning 90 to 120 minutes of SD video to a video DVD will result in bigger files than those 800 MB ones, thus 90 to 120 minutes of SD video is the "limit" with 4.7 GB DVDs and creating video DVDs, unless you can sacrifice visual and visible video quality.



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Feb 9, 2011
But how do I put more than one file on a blank DVD disk at one time on a Macbook pro?
More than one file or more than one DVD movie? A single DVD movie can consist of a number of files. If your movie is 800MB it's probably no longer in DVD format. How do you intend to view the movies on these discs? Are you using a DVD or Bluray player? Your Macbook Pro?

Burning two files to a disc is easy. However, if you're trying to squeeze two DVD movies onto one disc you'll need to some authoring and there are a number of apps out there. What are you currently using?
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