How Do I Change my Mount Point?


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Feb 6, 2007
Every time my external hdd gets unmounted illegally, like when it goes to sleep and OS X gives me a warning about unsafe ejecting, OS X puts a number after the mount point the next time that hdd gets mounted. For example I started with the mount point: "/Volumes/ARCHIVES" with ARCHIVES being the external hdd. I'm now at "/Volumes/ARCHIVES 4" The 4 doesn't show up in Finder and for all intent and purpose the hdd still shows up as ARCHIVES everywhere else. But having a number at the end of the mount point messes up some programs that calls files from that hdd. Motion, iPhoto, DVDSP4, etc... all can't locate their libraries in the external hdd every time the mount point changes. I reimport all their libraries after every time this happens but I can't keep doing it if OS X is just going to change the mount point again and again.

So my first question is, why is it doing this? What gives with adding the numbers?

Second question: how do I change the mount point myself?


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Jun 3, 2008
Did you have any luck so far?

Hello superspiffy,

Did you have any luck so far trying to change the Mount Point of an External Hard Drive yourself?
I have the same problem with the adding of the numbers and I hope you (or someone else) can help me out...

Thanks in advance,


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Mar 30, 2008
New Jersey, USA
You can disable the hard drive from going to sleep in System Prefs -> Energy Saver. Uncheck "put hard drives to sleep..."


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Jun 25, 2007
I found this article:

which helped resolve my issue, although I did this:

eject the external drive.
turn on hidden files
navigate to /Volumes
copy the folders (not the aliases) that have the same name as the external disk to a safe place, then delete them from /Volumes (authenticate as required)
remount the external drive, an alias appears in /Volumes
turn off hidden files.

avoid illegally unmounting the external drives in future, or repeat the above.

YMMV, good luck.