How do I completely remove Yosemite inc Recovery partition

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    Oct 4, 2014
    I installed the YM GM - but it sill feels very beta and I'm experiencing the UI sluggishness so think I'm just going to wait until the public release, so last night I booted into internet recovery, manually deleted the Logical volumes and YM partition and then rebooted again into internet recovery.

    The recovery install still wants to install YM. I then tried various commands like diskutil unmount / disk util erase etc but don't think it would play nicely as I assume I was using that partition as part of internet recovery.

    Any ideas how I can complete clean the machine and go to a absolutely zero'd HD so internet recovery will pull down Mavericks?

    Just done a disk util list and this is what I see. Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Steves-MacBook-Pro:~ steveelliott$ diskutil cs list
    CoreStorage logical volume groups (1 found)
    +-- Logical Volume Group 8EA145ED-075F-4CF3-8D37-7FC03DC6C6DE
    Name: Macintosh HD
    Status: Online
    Size: 999695822848 B (999.7 GB)
    Free Space: 18984960 B (19.0 MB)
    +-< Physical Volume 24191CC7-D503-4D55-84EB-B77ED492E8EE
    | ----------------------------------------------------
    | Index: 0
    | Disk: disk0s2
    | Status: Online
    | Size: 999695822848 B (999.7 GB)
    +-> Logical Volume Family 1CE222BD-24B8-45C4-B63E-D51060E73623
    Encryption Status: Unlocked
    Encryption Type: None
    Conversion Status: NoConversion
    Conversion Direction: -none-
    Has Encrypted Extents: No
    Fully Secure: No
    Passphrase Required: No
    +-> Logical Volume 25A28FCA-6279-4406-B518-B6339F6E9E72
    Disk: disk1
    Status: Online
    Size (Total): 999324516352 B (999.3 GB)
    Conversion Progress: -none-
    Revertible: Yes (no decryption required)
    LV Name: Macintosh HD
    Volume Name: Macintosh HD
    Content Hint: Apple_HFS
    Steves-MacBook-Pro:~ steveelliott$

    Steves-MacBook-Pro:~ steveelliott$ diskutil list
    0: GUID_partition_scheme *1.0 TB disk0
    1: EFI EFI 209.7 MB disk0s1
    2: Apple_CoreStorage 999.7 GB disk0s2
    3: Apple_Boot Recovery HD 650.0 MB disk0s3
    0: Apple_HFS Macintosh HD *999.3 GB disk1
    Logical Volume on disk0s2
    Steves-MacBook-Pro:~ steveelliott$
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    Apr 21, 2012
    In terminal, type this to revert the logical volume:

    diskutil corestorage revert 25A28FCA-6279-4406-B518-B6339F6E9E72

    Usually I would say to then restart the computer and then you can edit your partitions in the normal fashion.

    However, you say that you deleted something already. This might make things a bit harder.

    Can you boot up to something other than the yosemite recovery partition?

    If you are trying to downgrade to mavericks, a bootable usb installer would have been handy to wipe your whole drive and start again.

    But how are you going to make one if you have no system whatsoever?

    Anyway, if you have no system, after reverting the logical volume, you could try internet recovery by booting up with the option, command and r keys. Then erase the drive from that and reinstall the system that first came with your computer, but that is going to take a lot longer than if you already had a bootable usb of mavericks.

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