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Jul 3, 2011
Happy Jack, AZ
Wire ties? Glad bag? How?!



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Apr 28, 2007

Wow, that is some kind of incredible. I need this in a binder or something. More than one all in one place.

Erehy Dobon

Feb 16, 2018
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I use something like this:

however the ones I use are smaller and cheaper. I bought them at 100¥ (dollar) shops in Japan. They don't include a carabiner clip either.

The USA doesn't seem to have stuff like this at that price point. I have something like ten of them in various sizes. Two of them I keep in my regular briefcase, a couple are reserved for travel (so I don't need to keep moving stuff from one bag to another), one or two are in my car.

I like the mesh bags since you can see inside them (unlike aforementioned Cocoon bag). Maybe you can find them at Aliexpress or Rakuten. Some of my mesh bags have multiple partitions. I'll stick iPhone accessories/cables in one section, computer accessories/cables in the other.

Here's a two-compartment bag that lives in my briefcase:


I don't need to squeeze the air out of mesh bags. Ziplock bags are great for travel. I always travel with a selection of ziplocks (2-gallon, 1-gallon, 1-quart, pint, etc.). The old leaky ones I use for things that don't need a hermetic seal.

I use velcro ties for individual cables. Small ziplocks are used for tiny items that can easily get lost or damaged (e.g., SIM cards, SDHC, USB thumb drives). Again, Japan reigns supreme here. You can get an awesome mixed assortment of small ziplocks at the 100¥ shop.

For travel, I like to have some cables that are so short that cable management is unnecessary. The hotels I've stayed at in the past few years have had an electrical outlet on the desktop (in the old days they were inconveniently placed behind the desk, minibar, whatever). The problem is there are never enough outlets so I carry an ultra-short 3-outlet power dongle/pigtail, also purchased at a 100¥ shop.

Here are the contents of the bag from above.


There is a 30W GaN USB-C PD charger (lower left) as well as a two-port USB-A charger (18W?, upper right), both from Anker. With the right cables, I can charge an ultrabook, my iPhone XS and my iPad mini overnight. The key is the aforementioned ultrashort power pigtail (center); I have never seen one of these for sale in the USA.

I can fast charge my iPhone XS with the USB-C/Lightning cable (just above the mouse) and the 30W charger to its left while I'm taking a shower before I go out for dinner.

If I want to, I can toss in a 6-ft power extension cord to bring power to the pigtail. That's smarter than using a device-specific extension power cord or a really long USB-A to Lightning cable.

Here in the USA, the three most popular sizes seem to be L, XL and XXL. That doesn't work well for travel.

There's still room in my mesh bag, probably just enough for my favorite USB-C hub (Keychron T10) and a one-foot Ethernet patch cable. If not, I can upgrade to the next larger size bag. Like I said, I have a bunch of them in many sizes. Not a big deal.
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May 18, 2017
Austin, TX
Step 1: unify
Step 2: eliminate

That's how I do it. I know this isn't for everyone, and some people will need to carry more cables, but it worked great in my case. When I travel overseas for business I travel very light and never take more than a single carry-on with me. Which, quite frankly, is half-empty most of the time. My electronics are limited to:

1x 12" MacBook
1x iPhone X
1x MacBook USB-C charger with two duck heads, one US-style and one Euro-style
1x USB-C to USB-C cable
1x USB-C to Lightning cable

That's it. Granted, this won't allow me to charge my MacBook and my iPhone at the same time but I've never had an issue with that as I charge the iPhone over night and the MacBook either during the day or, in case I am out and about and in meetings all day, right after work in the evenings before I go to bed. I was skeptical about USB-C at first but honestly, it's a godsend. I really wish that Apple would finally abandon Lightning in favor of USB-C so I could rid myself of that USB-C to Lightning cable.
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Mar 14, 2011
Years ago I bought the Cocoon GRID-IT mentioned in an earlier message, but had to refund it after it stained the light-colored interior of my bag and the white Apple chargers I strapped in it. I don't know if they've since changed the materials and dyes they use.


Aug 19, 2002
Mid-West USA



Feb 7, 2012
Been using an InCase tech pouch that you can get from Apple Store. These are for a MacBook Pro, an iPad, an iPhone and an Apple Watch.

The cables are USB-C so that streamlined things - the brick charges the MacBook, and the MacBook charges the iPad, the iPhone and the Watch.

If the Mac is not going along, then the power brick is not needed and I can use a travel adapter with USB-C ports.


I use something like this:

however the ones I use are smaller and cheaper. I bought them at 100¥ (dollar) shops in Japan. They don't include a carabiner clip either.

The USA doesn't seem to have stuff like this at that price point.

Muji has some of these mesh pouches too, not sure whether they are available in the US.
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