How do I copy DVD movies to SD cards?

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    I just received my iPad 2 and will be making a 2-week trip in May to an area with no TV - so I hope to copy some of my purchased DVD movies to SD cards to watch them on the iPad. I have the camera connection kit, so SD connection to iPad is no problem.

    I've read several threads mentioning Handbrake and VLC, but have no idea what to do. Can someone please give me a step by step procedure on how to successfully copy these DVDs or refer me to a site which has the detailed instructions?

    Info is greatly appreciated as this is a major reason I bought the new iPad now.

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    you don't have to be a douche about it.

    you always have to import the movie you going to watch off the SD card, so you must make sure you have at least that much space on your ipad.

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