How do I "create" a photo exhibition?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Abstract, May 14, 2007.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows how? It's not for me, personally. I'm VP of the Photography Club at uni, and we want to hold a photo exhibition with photos taken by members of the club. It's our inaugural year and we have only existed for the past 3 months (uni starts in February in Oz), and we don't want our 1st exhibition to suck.

    The biggest problem is how to actually put the photos up on the "wall." We won't even have a "real" wall. I think what we'll end up getting is a self-supporting wall that the Function Centre here normally uses for large conference posters (eg: scientific poster presentations). Normally, you'd use velcro "stickers" and just velcro the posters to the wall, but we want a white background to be behind each photo.

    Let's say we used white cardboard or a similar material. How do I get the photo "stuck" on the white background? Surely I shouldn't use glue. :confused:
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    Rubber cement on matt-board. Any art supply store should give you extra matt.

    I just did this this morning. worked out fine.

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