iPhone 6(S)(+) How do I delete everything I have on the Cloud?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lilabner, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. lilabner, Jan 17, 2019
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    Or better yet, simply disconnect from the cloud completely, so nothing of mine ever gets put on it?

    I have very little use for storage that any hacker can reach. And now I've been trying to load the Lyft Driver app, which I've done several times in the past. Apparently a copy of that app, with my phone number etc., got placed on the cloud.

    And now I have to change phone numbers. Lyft Customer Service wants me to delete my app from the phone and then reload it from the App Store. But when I reload it, it's apparently loading from the Cloud, still with all the personal info (old phone number etc.) that I wanted to get rid of.

    How do I get that app off the Cloud, so I can then load a clean copy from the App Store?

    Thanks all!
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    Actually, I wouldn't mind disconnecting my iPhone 6+ from the Cloud, completely and permanently. Anybody know how to do that?

    I updated the phone's iOS to the latest version, two days ago. I think it's current.
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    its complicated...

    How to delete your iCloud account
    The bad news is that you can’t actually delete an iCloud account completely. Your iCloud account is associated with your Apple ID and, short of calling Apple and demanding it, there’s no way to make your Apple ID not exist anymore.

    You can, however, do the next best thing and deactivate an iCloud account so that it’s no longer used. In addition, if you’re wondering how to delete an iCloud account without a password, the answer is you can’t. And that’s a good thing — if you were able to delete an iCloud account without a password, it would be very insecure and anyone could potentially delete yours.

    The first step is to remove all your devices from your iCloud account by following the steps above, under ‘How to remove a device from iCloud’ go through each device listed, including your Apple Watch and Apple TV if you have them, in the My Devices section and remove it. Then, at the bottom of the main Settings screen oniCloud.com, click Sign Out of All Browsers.

    Next, disable Find My iPhone by going to the Settings app and tapping your Apple ID, then iCloud (or in iOS 10.2 or earlier, just iCloud). Scroll down to Find My iPhone, tap it and switch the toggle to off. Type in your Apple ID password and tap Turn Off.
    end quote

    quoted link:
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    This worked! I linked to the article you referenced and looked through it, and then followed its steps to disconnect my iPhone 6+ from the Cloud. It did what the article said, warned me I might lose data etc. (fine with me), and did the disconnect.

    Found I still had the App Store app on the phone (I was wondering if it would go away). Tapped it and it asked me to sign in again, which it hadn't been doing before, the article said this would probably happen. I signed in and downloaded the Lyft Driver app. Noticed that now it was offering to GET the app, rather than downloading it from the cloud, first time I've seen that in a while. Tapped GET, and it downloaded. I started it and went through the Lyft logon, and this time it did NOT say I had to verify my phone number (hurray!). This used to jam everything up, but not now. It's up and running now, apparently waiting for someone near me to call Lyft and ask for a ride, which Lyft would (I hope) then forward to me.

    We're in business! Thank you, niji!

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