How do I delete/reset the iCloud keychain with 2FA enabled?

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    May 18, 2017
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    I've never willingly used the iCloud keychain yet for some odd reason it keeps reenabling itself on my devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) randomly. At some point during 2016 it's happened on my iPad, and started to save passwords, WiFi networks, etc. into the Cloud without me noticing. A couple of weeks ago I've purchased a new MacBook Pro and, as usual, after logging into iCloud during initial setup the iCloud keychain was once again enabled. That's how I noticed that it must be enabled on one of my other devices asd well, because I saw networks in the WiFi list on my brand-new Mac that I distinctly remember having joined in 2016.

    Anyway, how can I completely erase the entire iCloud keychain Apple has saved for me against my expressed will? Since I have 2FA enabled for my iCloud account I don't see the "Advanced" button that it should hide behind on neither my macOS nor my iOS devices. And I'm not willing to disable 2FA only to erase data that I never wanted to be saved in the first place. Especially considering that disabling/enabled 2FA would require me to log into iCloud again on all my devices, and that stupid keychain would certainly be enabled once again.

    Any ideas?
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    Unfortunately, when these issues arise, the official solution is invariably to disable 2FA, complete the required task (in this case, delete iCloud Keychain via the Advanced tab), and then re-enable 2FA.

    However, I would recommend pinging a direct message asking this question to @AppleSupport on Twitter - they are surprisingly helpful with this type of thing and will go away and research the official answer without you having to wait on hold on the phone, and while they will almost certainly suggest the above solution, it is nice to know that there isn't another, unpublished, way.

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