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How do I do a pound sign on my mac


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Oct 26, 2004
I am fairly new to mac and when I press the number 3 button with shift on I get a # sign not a pound sign. How do I change this?


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Oct 21, 2003
Portland, OR
If you have a US keyboard and you're in the UK, or you have a UK keyboard and you're using US English as your base language, you should be changing it in System Preferences -> International.


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Apr 12, 2012
Pound sign on MacBook

Thanks to the above was able to solve it for myself. Bought my first Mac a couple of days ago and couldn't get the pound sign so changed the keyboard to British. Realised from some of your posts that the keyboard must stay as US and then Option+3 gives th epound symbol. Ta!


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Feb 26, 2011
New England, USA
If you have a UK keyboard layout, then shift 3 gives you the £

If you have a non-UK keyboard, then you need to hit alt/option 3

Hey, thanks for the info! I have a friend in the UK, and now I don't have to write out "pound" any more. That's really cool.:D

It was such a horrible burden... :rolleyes: ;) :D
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