How do I downgrade from iTunes 11 to iTunes 10.7?

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    Sorry for the people that like this new version of iTunes, but I don't like it at all. While it has some new interesting features and a newer look; it took away the cover flow. Cover flow was the only way I viewed the content on my iTunes. And I simply must have it back.

    So if anyone happens to know how to downgrade it back to 10.7. Please do share how to do so.

    I don't have the previous version backed up as such. But I never updated to iTunes 11 on my Macbook pro (only my iMac desktop)
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    iTunes 11 upgrade to 10.7

    iTunes 11 upgrade to 10.7

    A collection of hints mashed together that enabled me to restore iTunes 10.7 with everything working as before.

    - download iTunes 10.7 (look for download button on right side of page)

    Via iTunes store>account drop down de-authorise computer you installed iTunes 11 on.

    Delete iTunes 11 via Terminal ($ is the command prompt don't type in $ only what follows)
    Close iTunes and iTunes Helper (might not be running but still go ahead)
    $ killall iTunes
    $ killall "iTunes Helper"

    Switch to an admin account in terminal
    $ su ADMIN_NAME
    enter password

    Be careful type the file path exactly as shown
    $ sudo rm -rf /Applications/
    enter password
    $ exit
    close terminal

    - start pacifist ( and drag "install itunes" to it
    - select install itunes.pkg and click install in toolbar
    - press replace when asked if "duplicate, update, do nothing or erase" and don't ask again

    Restore old iTunes library
    IMPORTANT After installation option-click launch (HOLD DOWN OPTION KEY when you launch iTunes) iTunes 10.7. it will then ask you to choose library navigate to Music/iTunes/Previous iTunes Libraries and select your last (most recent) iTunes.itl file.

    iTunes asks to restore devices to factory default or remove purchases (delete iTunesCDB)
    I did as you said and was able to rescue my library, however, iTunes keeps telling me to connect all my iPhones and iPads and restore them to factory default.

    I found a solution to this, you have to delete a file called iTunesCDB off the device (no you don't need to be jailbroken to be able to do this). I used ifunbox app based on a post I found that recommended it. After I deleted that file, iTunes 10.7 was able to see my iPad again. (Windows and Mac)
    if you use ifunbox, it is under "raw filesystem" /iTunes_Control/iTunes/ and the file name is "iTunesCDB"
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    I'm on windows 7 and have installed itunes 11 but it doesnt work. It won't even open.

    Think there will be any issue with simply uninstalling and reinstalling 10.7?

    Apple has been ridiculous lately.

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