How do I enter a UK number in my iphone 5?

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    Ok I am baffled. I've searched the web and read a few Apple forums and can't figure out how to enter a UK phone number.

    How do I enter UK phone number 07811465143 in my iphone? When I try to save it it doesn't look like the other UK number in my phone. I tried +4407811465143I try to enter the numbers and it doesn't place them in the right format or something because I can't send them imessages. This is irking me.

    Can someone PLEASE help? How do I type this thing into the phone?

    *This is not the persons actual number*
  2. Nermal Moderator


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    You probably want +4478 without the 0. I'm not familiar with UK numbers but I believe that they work similarly to NZ ones, where the 0 is not part of the number but rather a code saying "I'm about to dial a toll call". Your phone handles all the dialling codes itself so you just need the pure number in there.
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    I agree. I think the trick is to omit the 0 used for in-country dialing: +44 7811 465143. The iPhone will insert the spaces.
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