How do I erase a broken iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by steve23094, May 20, 2016.

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    So I have a broken 5c running iOS 9.3.1 and the screen is dead. Find My iPhone is enabled on the phone (but it's showing as offline in the App from my iPad). I'm not going to bother getting it repaired and am going to use it as an excuse to buy a new SE.

    When I get my SE I presume it's straight forward to restore off my iCloud backup?

    I want to sell the broken 5c for parts, the person I sell it to might get it working. How do I go about making sure my data on the 5c is not accessible? I'm presuming I don't want to log it as missing via the Find My iPhone app because it will be locked and the parts buyer might throw a wobbly.
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    May 20, 2015
    Good idea. But I would pull the battery out before if you don't want that the whole phone melts. ;)

    But I don't think you can sell it after that.

    What is broken on that phone? Is it recognized by iTunes? Maybe with trying to put it in DFU mode before if you can't see anything on the screen.

    Is it still logged in to iCloud with find my iPhone enabled? Then you could lock or delete it, if someone gets into it with guessing your passcode, what is not very likely.

    Will it be deleted after 10 wrong passcodes?

    Edit: Sorry I just read your post again completely and some questions you already answered.
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    Guess I was pointing out that there was no other way if you can not access the phone.
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    This iPhone has never been connected to iTunes, therefore when I plug it into my iMac I have to select 'Trust' via the iPhone. Because the iPhone is not working this isn't possible.

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