How do I Export a Chart as an Image from Numbers?


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May 26, 2006
I am trying to export a chart from Numbers or Pages as a JPG. I have copied it to my clipboard and opened it in Preview but the image is very pixelated. Are there any other ways to do this? I'm trying to upload the image to a website.

Additionally, how can I get it so that the entire sheet is one color, rather than just the chart itself? All the axis labels remain white, but I would like to fill those in as well with the same color as the chart itself. The included screenshot should provide further detail.


Print to PDF.
Open the PDF in Preview.
"Export" to the JPG format and set the dpi higher than 72 (like 150 or 200 pixels/inch).

I'm not understanding the second question. It reads like you want the rest of the chart (other than the dark gray area filled chart image itself) to become that same dark gray. If so, that would just give you one big dark gray rectangle. So I suspect you are probably saying you want the background and the color behind the axis to be one color that is NOT the same as the chart itself. If so, draw the chart in Pages, choose "shapes" in the icon bar at the top, draw a rectangle bigger than the chart and axis, use the Inspector to (color) fill the box to whatever color background you want, "Arrange" (menu), "Send to Back" to put the box you just created behind the chart. Move it and/or size it so that it has the right size for your background. Then,
-Print to PDF,
-Open PDF in Preview
-Crop the image to the size you desire (probably the boundaries of the background box you just made)
-Export to JPG with a higher (than 72 pixels/inch) dpi
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