How do I find out usernames created on OSX ML?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by IHeartPC, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Oct 20, 2012
    My cousin bought a Macbook Pro today, he isn't completely tech savvy and messed up the setup somehow. I tried giving tech support over the phone but I've only ever used OSX lion and never came across this problem.

    He tells me he created a user on the computer then the PC apparently generated a username for him, but he clicked next before looking at it, is there anyway to find out what the username is? He says the login screen only shows, restart, sleep and shut down and somewhere to type a username & password.
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    I would tell your cousin to start over [using Recovery to erase the HD and then reinstall the OS] and pay attention to what is asked for and what he enters in the set up fields this time. Since the information will be used throughout the life of that computer it is important to retain it. Besides it is always better to understand what you enter and -perhaps agree to- before clicking continue on any computer.

    If all this happened during the set up process at first start up of his new machine he won't lose anything besides a little time.

    Also, I suggest setting up 2 accounts. One Administrator account and at least one Standard user for daily use.

    Since the MacBook Pro is brand new and since you don't have much experience with Apple computers anyway, perhaps you should advise your cousin to utilise the complimentary 90 day phone support option. Someone at Apple can walk him though the set up steps on the phone.
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    It's most likely his full name.

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