How do I force Fusion to see my Win7 drivers?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by duggram, Nov 19, 2010.

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    I can't get VMWare to install their tools that supposedly helps with the Win7 drivers. However, i have the Win7 drivers for my MBA from a previous attempt to install Boot Camp. They are in my MBA dowload/drivers folder and on a USB thumb drive. But the VMWare install won't look at either. It only wants to look in 3 places:

    A: floppy drive (haven't had one in many years)
    CD drive D: VMWare tools (which is no help at all)
    Boot X: drive

    How do I trick VMWare into looking at my drivers folder or the USB drive?
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    Fusion doesn't need the Boot Camp drivers for a Macbook Air, it needs drivers for a VMWare virtual machine.

    You need to install VMWare Tools from your virtual CD drive to get the VM drivers installed. Forget the Boot Camp drivers if you're using Fusion.
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    I don't think you "get" what is going on.

    VMWare Tools is what you need to install. (Most of) the Boot Camp drivers are useless in a Virtualized environment since the actual hardware is in use by Mac OS.

    VMWare Tools does two things: 1) Gives the systems some hooks to better integrate in with the host OS (OS X). 2) "Fools" windows into knowing it is on the same system so it doesn't whine about activation issues.

    You cannot improve VM performance by installing the Boot Camp drivers in a VM. You can (however) gain access to some of the USB devices in the system (iSight, SD slot, etc..., by installing the BC drivers).

    If you are unhappy with the VM performance you need to run things in Boot Camp instead.


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