How Do I Get A Form To Send?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by nickyj182, Jun 17, 2014.

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    I have been working with my co-workers on a website for our small town's Chamber of Commerce. We have created a form for people to fill out to join our organization, the only problem, how can I get it to send? We want it to be automatically e-mailed to a specific e-mail account once it has been filled out and the user hits Send. We have our own domain for the site already. Any tips on how I can pull this off? Thanks in advance!
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    The falling-off-a-log easy, no programming required solution is to just use Google Forms.

    Second possibility, if you don't like Google, is to build your site with something like Wordpress and use a 'contact form' plugin.

    Third possibility is to Google 'HTML email form'.
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    1) Catch the 'submit' from the form SUBMIT button click using any server side language.
    2) Validate the form, returning the partially filled out form with highlighted errors
    3) If no errors, use the server side email function of your choice. An example would be php's email() function.

    PS. I'd prefer to capture the data in a database for trending reports and statistic gathering from the responses. Then I'd send an email to whoever needed it in a pretty html email format.

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