How do I get additional fonts?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by bingvnn, Jun 11, 2015.

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    Jun 11, 2015
    A Google search throws up all sorts of "hundreds of free fonts" sites, but I suspect downloading from these leaves me open to viruses etc?

    How can I get legitimate additional fonts? Everyone loves free, but I'm also happy to pay for them (assuming buying a font isn't massively pricey).
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    There are many good sites that have available fonts for free. But you do need to be careful of how you use them. Some will come with a license for personal use only and others will come with a broader license. As for viruses on a Mac, you have no need to worry as none are know to exist in the wild.

    I have a font library of close to 25,000 fonts. Most are paid for, but on occasion I will download a free font. I will post a screenshot of some of the sites I find fonts at. Both paid and free. Then there are sites like MightyDeals & My Design Deals that on occasion offer up a font family at a discounted price.

    Fonts can be a funny thing, especially if you plan on using them for design work. So just be careful on how obscure a font you use and of the licensing.

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    Never had an issue with them. Make sure as firedept said to check for any license restrictions, but there are plenty of free fonts there and the site is very reputable.
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    I, too, have a library of licensed fonts and use Adobe's TypeKit portal for some fonts they offer as part of their Creative Cloud subscription. But, they're not free...

    So, try Google Fonts. Not Google "fonts" - "Google Fonts". About 1350-odd no-cost fonts, no strings attached. Many applications have a conduit to the Google Fonts portal which is pretty cool. partnered with Google and created the Skyfonts app - a dynamic "downloading/embedding/updater" application:

    You could also resort to downloading and installing a trial of MS Office for the Mac, which installs a "Microsoft" folder in your Fonts folder.

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