How do I get all of his apps off my phone

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    Okay before you admonish me please know we set this up before there was any family sharing available. We have been married for 16 years.

    Okay I am getting divorced. I have been a mac user since...well let's just say I have a email address..

    Anyway, we have two kids and we put all apps under his gmail account with mac. We shared all of the apps. Well now I need to get my apps off of his name and back onto mine. I know I need to pay for the apps again. It is a big cluster f. I just got a new phone 8 plus and setting it up. It keeps asking me for his password.

    I just want an easy way to remove all of his apps under his name under my phone. It is hard to see what I own and what he owns unless I try to reload it.

    Does this make any sense? Lawdy!
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    I am not aware of an easy way to see which of the installed apps were purchased using a different Apple ID. Depending on how many apps you are using, your best bet may be to start from scratch (i.e. set up the phone as a "new phone" and install your apps by hand rather then setting it up from a backup).
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    First of all, my sympathies on the divorce, it can be a difficult time. No easy way to remove the other apps but you can determine which apps are yours by going into the purchased area of the app store. Since you're signed on as yourself it should only show the apps that you have bought.
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    Not really. If all apps were purchased under his apple id, none were purchased with hers. Technically, she didn't buy anything.

    This is a tough situation. With a new iPhone, you get Apple Support. I would suggest calling them or going to an Apple store and having them try to help you. Also, talk with your divorce attorney. There is a possibility that the divorce decree could have a statement about the apps that "belong to you" and state that Apple must move the purchased Apple ID over to yours.

    I wish you luck, OP, and sorry your family is going through this.

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