iPod touch how do I get my ipod on a new computer


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Oct 25, 2007
Hi, HELP, I have my daughters computer that she doesnt use anymore with her old itunes on there. I have my ipod and music from my old computer which crashed. I now want to use her computer and hook it up to my ipod so i can use her computer to burn more music onto my ipod. I dont want to lose my songes on my ipod, and I dont care whats on her computer now. So I want to make my ipod work on her computer. HELP??


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Oct 15, 2007
Connect it to the new computer, but don't let it change your music (message boxes will pop up, don't let iTunes do anything to your iPod). Click on your iPod under my devices and check the box 'Manually Manage Music and Videos' and click apply at the bottom right.
You can use songs from multiple iTunes libraries, but you need to drag music manually to your iPod.


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Oct 19, 2007
Yeah, unfortunately Apple didn't provide the ability for the Touch to be used as a storage device, on the older iPod's you could just view hidden files on the iPod and grab them, save them to your local machine and change the attributes to non hidden.
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