How do I get sync to work properly

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    I don't have an iPhone (yet). I have an iMac, MBP and Windows desktop set to sync. Here are my problems:

    1. My Address book is constantly changing on my MBP. For instance, my brother is a junior and somewhere along he line .me wants to combine my father and brother's information. Also, things like whether and email address is someone's home or work email address changes on its own.
    2. My Windows machine is always giving me a message saying another computer is syncing and it cannot sync. I mean it does this like every 5 minutes.
    3. I'm always getting notifications on my iMac or MBP that I'm having conflicts. It is stupid things like deleting an email account and then adding it right back.

    Does anyone know why this is? I forgot to mention I have it set to sync the contacts on Yahoo and Google also. Is it too much to ask and/or am I doing something wrong. This is very frustrating, but I thought this was supposed to be what .me was all about. The almighty cloud is failing me big time!
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    Try these steps...

    Resetting iSync data
    Sometimes it is necessary to reset the sync data on your computer(s) and on your .Mac account. For example, if your .Mac syncing begins to behave oddly or information isn't synchronizing correctly then resetting the sync data is a good troubleshooting step. It's also sometimes a good idea to reset the sync data after Chronos releases updates to their software that have made improvements or enhancements to synchronization.

    If you don't use .Mac and you only need to reset the sync data on a single computer, then perform the following steps:

    1. Launch the iSync application: /Applications/iSync
    2. Choose iSync > Preferences.
    3. Click 'Reset Sync History' button. You'll be asked to confirm the selection. Choose 'Reset Sync History' to confirm.
    4. The iCal application may launch at this point (feel free to quit it). Synchronization will automatically start to take place in the background and may take a while depending upon how much data you have to synchronize. It's also not uncommon for the several processes involved with synchronization to use quite a bit of CPU during this process.

    If you use .Mac and you need to reset the sync data on multiple computers and your .Mac account, then perform the following steps:


    1) Launch the iSync application: /Applications/iSync
    2) Choose iSync > Preferences
    3) Click 'Reset Sync History' button. You'll be asked to confirm the selection. Choose 'Reset Sync History' to confirm
    4) Repeat these steps on each computer


    1) Move to your first computer. This should be your machine that has your correct contacts, calendars, and notes data
    2) Open the .Mac System Preference Pane
    3) Click the Advanced tab
    4) Click the Reset Sync Data button.
    5) From the Replace pop-up menu, choose the information you want to reset, such as Contacts, Notes, or all data.
    6) Choose the option to replace All Sync Info on .Mac with sync info from this computer
    7) Click Replace. This will copy the information from your computer to your .Mac account, replacing the information on .Mac with the information from your computer.


    1) Move to your next computer
    2) Open the .Mac System Preference Pane
    3) Click the Sync tab
    4) Click the Sync Now button. Your computer will begin to synchronize with .Mac. You may be asked if you would like to merge or replace certain kinds of data. Unless you have a good reason to merge, you should choose the replace option which ensures that the latest data on .Mac overwrites the data on your computer.

    At this point, all your computers should be synchronized.
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    I just read this on Apple Support (looks like it has been there since July 12th).

    You should read it if you are having Sync Problems. Really good.

    MobileMe: Troubleshooting iPhone or iPod touch sync issues


    Also, noticed that Apple has corrected some Sync Issues on there end.

    Apple identified and resolved an issue with MobileMe Sync on iPhone and iPod touch. Although no action is required for most members, some may need to reset their data from MobileMe to sync normally again.

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