How do I get these C++ files to run?...

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Uuugggg, Jan 25, 2005.

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    I code Java... Yes, terrible, I know, and I would try something else if anything easily worked. I've tried using developer software like CodeWarrior and XCode but it adds numerous files and doesn't run in the end anyway... I run my Java code oddly enough, I use Terminal and type out 'javac' and 'java Code' . Heh...

    But now I'm starting a Graphics course that has given me a pre-built application in C++, so I figure that would be a good starting point to figure out how to use the software and C++ at the same time... But there is no 'project file' to open it up and it doesn't just run... so, how would I get this (documentation) running in XCode or CodeWarrior? CodeWarrior is meant to be used, but I figure XCode should handle it... I've only tried XCode, and either I make a blank project and it doesn't let me run, or I make a Cocoa app and there are extra files and plenty of errors...
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    Links don't seem to work.

    A couple of points:

    - Java isn't terrible.

    - It's a graphics app. How does the app display stuff? Are you sure it's Mac compatible?

    - C(++) source packages often have a "makefile" file that, simply put, contains a script that automates the compilation. The "make" command (available from command line) finds the makefile in the current dir and starts the compilation.
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    The only thing I really don't like about Java is using I/O. Otherwise I quite enjoy and prefer Java. (I just wish they'd make it easier to scan and output to files, as well as read in user input. In C++ it's almost trivial to do that.)

    So, no, Java isn't horrible, or at least not all of us here think that. :D

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