How do I get this deal again?


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Dec 2, 2010
Its a 1366 x 768 resolution. Most cheap 15" laptops have that. In my opinion that is a horrendous resolution. The 11" MBA has that resolution. Fujitsu might call their screan crystal or whatever. Which means you'll most likely get good colours. But only a 1366x768 on a 15.6" is crap and very pixely.

In terms of other hardware. Both are great deals.


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Jun 9, 2010
For the Fujitsu, now is $519. Is it a fair deal then?

For the MSI, isn't it hard to get even a desktop computer for $430 with i5?


Also, I heard that if you are going to buy a laptop computer but primarily use it at home, it's better to buy desktop computer instead for the same price.. But when I check the specs of desktop that are about $500, they are really about the same specs as laptops and come out to be even a little expensiver when you add the screen?

So I thought it would be better to just buy a cheap laptop with external display instead of a desktop?


How can you buy without the OS pre-installed when you buy a cheap laptop about $400? So if you want to install Windows Ultimate yourself, and want to avoid having to pay for a Windows Home Premium pre-installed but you won't use anyway, is there a way to buy a laptop that doesn't have an operating system installed but comes with the latest core? (I'm under the impression maybe if I just buy a 3 year old cheap laptop it might not be powerful enough to run Windows 7 on it?)
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Aug 10, 2008
Desk tops to me are good for gamers and media centers and that's in. You can change a laptop into a desktop, but you can't take a desk top and turn it into a laptop.