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Dec 7, 2002
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Hi everyone,

We have an enterprise account and have created our first app. We've exported out an .ipa file but can't figure out how to install it!

"If you don’t distribute your app using a MDM system, users can install your app using the iOS App (IPA) file but then they will need to manually trust your organization to launch the app." - Apple.

"We actually have several in-house applications that are hosted on a internal web server, then users go to the website and download the apps they need." - Stack Overflow

Seems simple enough; I put the .ipa on a server... but when I browse to it in iOS Safari it shows up as an file and tries to open in FTPManager (which can open Zips). It's being served with the application/octet-stream MIME type; is that correct? I've seen a few posts from people with the same problem but there doesn't seem to be any official advice on the correct MIME type for .ipa files.

I then tried to email it to myself but when I tap the attachment it just askes whether I want to send a message, add to Notes, etc.

Apple's documentation on manually trusting the organisation requires first attempting to install the app, so I'm not even getting that far.

How do I actually install this .ipa?


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Sep 2, 2008
A. Look at hockeyapp. It's free and should simplify this for you.

B. The requirements for installing from a web page are not that hard. It's been a while since I did this but I think you can do it from dropbox. You need the manifest.plist that Xcode generates for you. A web site with a real cert for https. Correct itms-services:// url. Appropriate icons but I think that's optional. Load the page in mobileSafari and it should work.

There are plenty of tutorials on this.
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